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Make your diagram images and sketches interactive using Cybergram's AI-powered diagram recognition technology.

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Bring your diagrams to life

Take the time and effort out of diagram creation with the click of a button.

How it works

    Upload your diagram image

    Upload any handwritten or computer-generated diagram image to begin the digitization process.

    Let Cybergram do the heavy lifting

    Cybergram will convert your diagram in seconds using its sophisticated AI into a diagram you can manipulate.

    Make your changes

    Alter your diagram in any way you can think of. Add shapes, change the text, even correct mistakes present in the original diagram. Anything is possible!

    Export your digital diagram

    Download and take your diagram with you to your favourite tools. Cybergram supports multiple export formats including Visio.


    • Powerful Editor

      Manipulate your digitized diagram with ease with our powerful editor

    • Sophisticated AI

      Understands any digital or hand-drawn flowcharts with support for multiple languages

    • Multiple Formats

      Export your digitized diagram to popular formats for editing elsewhere

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